Harry Potter, Wonder Woman and The Joker are wearing mouth masks for awareness campaign

Harry Potter, Wonder Woman and The Joker are wearing mouth masks for awareness campaign

How do you encourage people to wear a mouth mask? By letting their favorite movie characters lead by example!

We all know by now that mouth masks help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. However, not everyone made it a habit to always carry a mouth mask. Especially in the United States, a large portion of the population has had difficulty wearing mouth masks. Awareness is growing, and in October, 90% of the American population was already wearing a mouth mask in place. The CDC hopes to convince other skeptics of an original awareness campaign.

In collaboration with film studio WarnerMedia, the CDC has produced a commercial that allows national TV channels to broadcast freely. Some of the popular scenes from the WarnerMedia movies have been edited with the characters fully wearing the digital mouth mask. WarnerMedia will also feature the site on its own channels and streaming platforms, such as HBO.

America’s Mask!

The ad is only thirty seconds long, but in those 30 seconds we see many famous movie characters pass through the play: Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Harry Potter, The Hobbit from Lord of The Rings and Neo (The Matrix) to name a few. . Even notorious movie villains like The Joker, Lord Voldemort, and Pennywise the Clown (It) respect aura standards. An adapted clown mask is designed for Pennywise.

Of course, the campaign has a clear message: “Let’s go back to what we want to do, whatever. Wear your mask, America!” Recently, the center recommends wearing two masks (a sheet over a surgical mask) or tightening the mask as tightly as possible for a better effect. Harry Potter Wonder Woman will be sticking to one mouth mask for now. An idea for FC De Kampioenen?

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