Harheis fears for Djokovic: “It wouldn’t surprise me if he had the same problem in Paris” Sports

Harheis fears for Djokovic: "It wouldn't surprise me if he had the same problem in Paris" Sports

Paul Harhuis is following developments in the Djokovic case with great curiosity. According to the Dutch Davis Cup captain, the Serbian tennis player can’t be blamed too much.

,,, I saw the message a few days ago that he was going to Australia and thought: How is this possible? Harhoes said. , but apparently he managed to find a loophole in the system and had the impression that it had been sorted out.”

Harhuis does not follow developments from Australia, but from the address of his holiday in Spain. “Every day he gets a new twist. It turns into strange riots. The coming days will show whether he is entitled to participate,” the Dutch tennis captain said.

“But somehow he didn’t do anything weird. His dad isn’t very wise. He called for rioting. These are almost Trump-like scenes and then you’re really a moron. If you compare that to my dad Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer, I don’t make such a statement. before. But I don’t know if it was immediately bad for Djokovic’s image. If it turns out that he got the exception under the wrong circumstances, that would be a hindrance.”

Harhoes is also aware that some players have reservations about the vaccine. There are many players who find what they “receive” unsafe. For example, the Frenchman Pierre-Hugues Herbert did not register his name. Jeremy Chardy had physical complaints after the vaccination, as a result of which he has not been able to train normally since then.”

What is clear is that the last word has not yet been spoken on the issue. Djokovic is bigger than big in Serbia, billboard, even the president wants to help him. “This is just a trick from him,” said the former tennis player, who takes similar situations into account.

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“If you see what Emmanuel Macron says in France, I wouldn’t be surprised if Roland Garros happened under the same circumstances. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.” The French president said earlier this week that he wants to make life more difficult for unvaccinated people.

Richard Krajicek, Director of the ABN AMRO World Tennis Championships in Ahoy. © Getty Images


Richard Krajicek, director of the ABN AMRO World Tennis Championships in Rotterdam, mainly believes there was a misunderstanding between Novak Djokovic, the Australian Open’s organizer, and the Australian government.

There are rules set by the government. “You have to stick with that as a regulator,” says Krajicek, “My personal opinion has nothing to do with this, it is about government policy.”

,, It seems that there is a misunderstanding between the player, the organization and the government. But we don’t know all the finer details, so it’s hard to go into that or find anything about it.”

Djokovic may have to miss out on more tournaments in the future if he can’t show evidence of vaccination. Krajicek doesn’t want to move things forward. “It doesn’t make sense to speculate on something that is still not clear,” said the former tennis player, who will be able to welcome unvaccinated players to Rotterdam next month. “According to the current rules of the Dutch government, this is possible.”

The ABN AMRO World Tennis Championships will be held from February 7 to 13.

Watch the explanation from the Prime Minister of Australia.

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