Hakkinen enjoys the celebrity in the ring: ‘Verstappen and Formula 1 are the winners’

Hakkinen geniet van beroemdheden in paddock: "Verstappen én Formule 1 de winnaars"

The first-ever Miami Grand Prix continues to excite the spirit of the world of Formula 1. One thought the Florida event was over the top and the involvement of so many celebrities was unnecessary, while the other enjoyed the attendance of these celebrities and the interest in a property class. Mika Hakkinen belongs to the latter group.

The brand-new race in Miami has attracted a lot of interest around the world. Formula 1 has become more and more popular in the US over the years since the successful Netflix series Drive to Survive. The popular series has grown in popularity in a country that is particularly marked by races such as IndyCar and NASCAR. However, the stands in Miami were full, and we’re already going to a third race in the US in 2023, when we first landed in Las Vegas.


Hakkinen speaking in his column Unibet About the successful event in itself and enjoyed the celebrities present inside the ring. “In the end, there were two winners last weekend: Max Verstappen and Formula 1 itself. We saw sports legends like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Venus Williams and David Beckham visit the event and former first lady Michelle Obama was in the hole at Mercedes,” sums up the fin.

Las vigas

The two-time world champion continues. “It was a very special event. It shows how successful Formula 1 is at the moment as it attracts American celebrities from sports, music, movies and culture. Now that next year there will be a third American Grand Prix in Las Vegas coming up, the popularity and interest in Formula 1 will only increase,” he said. What Hakkinen finally thinks.

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