Hairdressers rejoiced at the opening: “This is the bright spot” | Interior

Hairdressers rejoiced at the opening: "This is the bright spot" |  Interior

Tonight has come the bright spot from Catshuis that hairdressers across the Netherlands have been waiting for: They’ll likely be able to get back to work soon. On Tuesday they will hear if the doors will open again on March 2, at the same time as high schools. The news is already generating thrilled hairdressers and clients.

Gonny Eussen of the Anko trade association exchanges messages “like crazy,” though she also has to dry the rice. And wait to see if the good news is really as good as it sounds, of course. But there is hope. After tough times, a sight to open hairdressers has finally appeared in the Netherlands. On Tuesday, the Cabinet may announce that it may reopen again from March 2. This was discussed at Catshuis today, but high schools are sure to open again in March.

“This is the bright spot the hairdressers have been waiting for,” says Yusen, who immediately shares some messages from the jubilant hairdressers. Of course you don’t have to cheer up early, everyone knows it. But, says Tania Krozen of Tania’s Hair Fashion in Amsterdam: “So far, all the leaked letters (..) turned out to be correct. So I understood that I am already raising the flag. I can’t wait to get rid of all sections of the wreath again!” Says Maurice Fairfort of Les Artistes and Praede Kappers in Roermond: “My entrepreneurial heart gets a boost and Holland k (n) fits right away.”


But behind these chants there is also a world of suffering. Barbers have recently raised the alarm with a procedure to advocate openness and more support. Hardly many of them can survive financially. There were also hairdressers who started working illegally and it was also discovered in a very special way in The Hague. Officers, who were trying to arrest a group of thieves with their weapons drawn, ran into an illegal hairdresser in a truck.

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Others did not use their scissors and suffered. Miral Hallagili of Müfide Hair & Spa of Inskede describes how the hairdressers were “not only financially, but also mentally”. We are social creatures, and we are usually surrounded by clients and colleagues every day. It kept silent for about three months, and that really broke me. If true, there is perspective for me again.

Although the suffering is much less for them, the latter also applies to all those who struggle with their wild forests. Although there is also a lack of understanding to open up to hairdressers – there are other things that are difficult to survive, there are people who prefer to sit on the terrace – agreements are also made on the spot. Soon it became difficult to get to a location that would make this possible tonight, and quickly others put a line on themselves that looks like “YooHoo, baby has a date with the hairdresser.” And: “My appointment with the hairdresser is State.” Although there are few who have mastered cutting themselves.

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