Habek: Nuclear power may end due to the loss of nuclear power from France | Policy

Habek: Nuclear power may end due to the loss of nuclear power from France |  Policy

Because nuclear power from France is missing |

Habek: The AKP is turning more and more!

Only two German nuclear power plants should continue to operate, and only in emergency mode – this is Habeck’s plan for the upcoming shivering winter, where every megawatt-hour counts.

But this emergency operation will likely be necessary – Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck (53, Greens) is now assuming it himself. Means: It is possible that the two nuclear power plants will remain connected to the grid!

“We are already in an area where the stress test says: It may be necessary to use nuclear power plants for grid security,” Habeck told a conference organized by Spiegel. “We will continue to monitor this, but the situation in France is not developing well,” the Greens politician said.

Habek said the main risk is network throttling. “So it’s not the amount of electricity, but the electricity distribution in the grid.” In plain language: wind turbines and solar panels don’t always produce electricity when it’s needed — and there is no storage solution.

He went on to say that nuclear power from France is already missing – thus revealing once again one of the biggest contradictions in phasing out German nuclear power: turn off your nuclear power plants, but hope to get nuclear power from France.

In recent years, the neighboring country has provided less electricity than advertised. “So this worries me a lot.” When asked if a lengthening process would be a possibility, Habeck said: “In any case, it wouldn’t be any less likely.”

Three German nuclear power plants were closed last year, and the remaining three are originally scheduled to follow by the end of this year. But since there are no deliveries of Russian gas, the power plants Neckarwestheim in Baden-Württemberg and Isar 2 in Bavaria should remain in operation as an emergency reserve until next spring and can be activated if necessary.

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