Gunther Steiner on the 2023 calendar: ’24 races is a bit too much, but the demand is there’

Gunther Steiner on the 2023 calendar: '24 races is a bit too much, but the demand is there'

Remy Ramjiawan

Tuesday 27 September 2022 12:08 – Last update: 12:10

Haas team boss Guenther Steiner acknowledges that a lot of grand prix will take place next year, but at the same time notes that demand remains. Next year there are 24 Grand Prix races on the calendar and it has never happened before.

Next season, three races are scheduled to be held in the United States, namely in Miami, Kuta and Las Vegas. For Haas, it’s the perfect opportunity to warm the team’s fans from America. Steiner looks at website From the team ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix, he also takes a look at next year’s calendar. “I think 24 races is of course a lot of races, but the question is there, the fans want to see what we do and that’s the biggest compliment they can give us,” he said.


The sport is gaining popularity all over the world, which has resulted in events running out. The First Division category is also growing in the United States and with three major trophies for the upcoming season, the needs of fans from the country are being catered for. “Three races in America, I think it’s timely. The sport is already famous and it’s getting more and more popular in America at the moment. More races are good and each of these races has something of its own, they are not a copy of each other,” the old team boss sees 57 years old.

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This weekend the Singapore Grand Prix will start on the program and Steiner is hopeful that after the disappointing result in Italy the points can be taken again. “First off, Singapore is coming, it’s a night race on a city circuit and it’s a very cool place,” he said of the race. Haas made updates to the VF22 in Hungary and this should help on a track like Singapore. “Now we have to find a good balance for the car and hopefully we can get more points on tracks that fit our car better than on high-speed tracks like Spa and Monza,” he concluded.

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