Groupama-FDJ returns with Küng and Stewart to Romandy

Groupama-FDJ returns with Küng and Stewart to Romandy

Groupama-FDJ returns with Küng and Stewart to Romandy

Friday April 23, 2021 at 7:25 pm

Groupama-FDJ has a Tour de Romandie racing team ready. With Stefan Küng, who recently won the Valencia race, the team wants to score in the rounds counter-clockwise, while Jake Stewart is the race’s winner. The Brit is back on the right track after a hand injury. Matteo Badelati and Sebastian Reichenbach are mountain riders.

Küng said across the team, “I am so happy that I will be wearing the shirt of my national hero for the first time in Switzerland.” “I have very good memories of the Tour de Romandie. In all of my posts, I won a stage every time, so it makes sense to do it again this year! I’m in great shape and have a lot of motivation for two time trials.”

“I also want to create opportunities in the hill stages. We have four Swiss in the team, so we all want to show ourselves. Our passengers can go up with the best. It’s a very beautiful and well-organized race. I’m looking ahead. I’m still fine-tuning the last details of my preparations to be the best at The future, “the Swiss said.

Sebastian Reichenbach wants to sharpen Giro’s form in Romandy. “I have a special relationship with this race, because some of the stages revolve around my training methods. I’m preparing for Giro Ditalia, so I can really work on my rhythm and intensity for May. We have a great team and have many assets to play.”

Groupama-FDJ’s Romani tour 2021
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Science fr Matteo Ladagnus
Science ch Fabian Leinhard
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