Greenheart employees submit a petition to the District Commissioner

Werknemers Greenheart dienen petitie in bij de burgermoeder

Recently, a group of Greenheart Lumber Company employees visited the Kabalebo District Commissioner. The purpose of this visit was to inform the mayor of what happened in the company.

Employees were surprised by a message on the first working day after the nationwide lockdown. This letter states that they will have to defend themselves within 24 hours. This defense should state why they have been absent for the past two weeks.

As of May 31, due to the total lockdown and the dangerous situation in the area, this group has not come to work. District Commissioner Justa Lewis says he is surprised by the attitude of the Greenheart leadership. Do not believe that she is not aware of the measures taken by the government.

Even the district commissioner had already declared a state of emergency for her administrative jurisdiction. Connected to this, a complete closure of Kabalebo has already been established. Unlike government offices in the region, business continued to operate normally during these two days. This changed with the imposition of a nationwide lockdown on May 31.

As of April, 14 positive cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in this company. Thus Greenheart was a potential source of pollution. However, despite this dangerous situation, the company’s management did not take any action. The place was not disinfected and workers had to go to work causing others to be injured.

In the petition, the group asks the mayor to convey his dissatisfaction with the leadership’s actions to the relevant ministers, vice president and president of the Republic of Suriname.

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The mayor promised to send this message to the staff and work hard to solve this problem as soon as possible.

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