Green is not set up with a single house allotted to Little Switzerland (Mortsel)

Green is not set up with a single house allotted to Little Switzerland (Mortsel)

Councilor Hubeau for the plot of land that may soon be built. © RR

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A public investigation is currently underway to achieve a small allotment at the end of Anna Van Hoornstraat in Mortsel. Despite the fact that it is only one open building, Gruen calls on local residents to protest.

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Mortsel City Council has been working for some time now to arrange this land for allotment next to the historic Hoeve Dieseghem and at the foot of the Klein Zwitserland Nature Reserve. Last year, the city council noted that the Nature and Forestry Agency had wrongly listed this plot of land in the nature reserve. This had to be corrected first to allow the subdivision of a single open building to continue.

The city council often says it has a progressive vision, but puts too much effort into building a detached house versus our only nature reserve? I find this spatial insight questionable. We like to see this plot of land as a complete addition to Little Switzerland and a space to expand the Hoeve Dieseghem park. By the way, we have been asking from the beginning that the board of directors has plans to divide here,” Michel Houpeau (Gruen) explains his party’s resistance.

The public inquiry into this assignment request will continue until June 11. Groen visited the locals to explain that they could now only lodge objections. People were amazed at the city council’s desire to build it here. For many neighbors Hoeve Dieseghem and Little Swiss hold a place in their hearts. You respect all of this.”

The application states that the plot is located in a residential area and has no large vegetation. According to Groen, this barrier between little Switzerland and the built-up area is home to, among other things, brown owls, black hedgehogs, hawks, jays, hedgehogs, slowworms and protected cochineal beetle larvae.

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