Green Bay Packers scored first, while Falcons 27-16 ranked fourth

Green Bay Packers takes first place, and Falcons 20-9 leads in third

The Atlanta Falcons have the two best receivers available for their Monday game at Green Bay, while the Packers will be without the top two of the broads.

Atlanta’s Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley are active after being listed as Suspicious. Jones missed last weekend’s 30-26 loss to Chicago due to a hamstring injury. Ridley is also dealing with a hamstring injury.

Davante Adams, a player at Green Bay, will miss the second game in a row due to a hamstring injury. The Packers (4-0) also won’t have Alan Lazard, who shot his heart in a 37-30 win over New Orleans and was placed in injured reserve position on Saturday.

The injured reserve classification means Lazard must miss at least three matches.

Adams has been practicing on a limited basis throughout the week.

Adams tweeted Monday morning that he was not going to play and said, “I’ve done everything I need and have proven that I’m ready but I think I don’t know my body like everyone else.” Adams deleted the tweet after about half an hour.

The players will also miss the defensive intervention Kenny Clark (thigh) and outer back Rashaan Gary (ankle) and narrow end Marsdes Lewis (knee). Other inactive packs include quarterback Jordan Love and defensive back Barry Nickerson.

Clark misses the third game in a row. Backers Jair Alexander (hand / knee) and Corey Lynley midfielder (thigh) are both active after being listed as questionable.

Without Adams or Lazard, the active Green Bay show locations are the Marquis Valdes-Scantling, Darius Shepherd, Owner Taylor, and Reggie Bigleton. This does not include Tyler Ervin, who is a rear player who can also play a wide receiver.

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Shepherd, Taylor, and Begelton all came together in one NFL match. Bigelton, who scored 102 times with Calgary Stampers in the Canadian Soccer League last year, was activated from the coaching team on Monday.

While Hawks (0-4) are healthier than Green Bay in receiving corps, they have a lot of injuries elsewhere. They will miss kicking Yeongho Ku (thigh), Safety Rickardon Allen (elbow) and Keno Neal (hamstring) and defensive end Tak McKinley (thigh) among other inactive Atlanta players are John Witzel’s offensive tackle and defensive tackle Dideren Senat.

The Falcons lifted corner-back Deleric Abrams Jr. from the coaching team as a COVID-19 entry-level substitute in the first round of draft AJ Terrell. They also raised the level of safety, Jamal Carter and kicker, Elliot Fry of the coaching team.

Fry is set to be his NFL debut.

The Packers were the first to score with a touchdown pass from QB Aaron Rodgers to back Aaron Jones. Crosby’s extra point was fine, raising the score to 7-0 with about 10 minutes remaining in the first quarter.

The Falcons didn’t score until the second quarter when Atlanta added a field goal to cut the Packers lead to 7-3 with less than 8 minutes left at halftime.

Relegation pickup by Robert Tonian helped the Packers increase their lead to 13-3 just before halftime after Mason Crosby missed the extra point.

Robert Tonian scored his second touchdown in the quarter after catching a pass from Aaron Rodgers. Mason Crosby’s extra point raised the score to 20-3 46 seconds before halftime.

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The Falcons scored their first touch of the game in the third quarter, bringing the score to 9-20 with less than 8 minutes to go.

Robert Tonian got his third touchdown pass about 5 minutes before the match ended. Crosby’s extra point was fine, raising the score to 27-9.

Atlanta scored a touchdown early in the fourth quarter to make the score 27-16.

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