Great Draw for Belgian Cats: Messmann & Co. Togo…

Great Draw for Belgian Cats: Messmann & Co.  Togo...


The draw, held in Geneva, Switzerland, for the World Cup qualifiers, resulted in a wonderful draw for the Belgian Cats. Emma Meissmann and her colleagues were placed in Group D and will play group matches in Washington, DC, against the United States, Russia and Puerto Rico.

Patrick Seulmans

Thus, the path to the World Cup for the second time in a row is open to the team of national coach Valery Demore. The World Cup qualifying round will be held in Washington from February 10 to 13. The World Cup will be held in Australia from September 23 to October 3.

Of the four groups of four, the top three qualified for the 19th Women’s World Cup. In the group of host nation Australia and Olympic champion America, who qualify directly, only two teams qualify. Belgian cats are in group D with, in addition to America, Russia (12th globally) and Puerto Rico (17th globally).

“That’s a good balance”

“This is a good draw. On the one hand, we avoid a long trip to Osaka, Japan and on the other hand and with all due respect to Puerto Rico we get a feasible card in our group.” “Being Puerto Rico should be enough to qualify for the World Cup in Australia. Playing against big countries like America and Russia is great to improve as a team. Well there is a sub-disruption, but maybe we can leave a week earlier. The fact that Emma Messiman has been working in the WNBA and Washington Mystics for years has also been a communications feature.”If you look at Group A in Belgrade and Group C in Osaka, you can’t help but feel good about this lottery,” said Sven van Kamp.

Belgian cats have only been to the World Cup once. In 2018, they finished the race in Tenerife, Spain, and after a great course finished fourth. Thus, the road to the World Cup for the second time in a row is completely open with this draw. In Tenerife, by the way, Belgian Kats won with well-signed numbers from Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico also won 87-52 at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Group One (Belgrade / Serbia):

Serbia, Australia, Brazil, Korea

Group B (Belgrade / Serbia):

France, China, Nigeria, Mali

Group C (Osaka / Japan):

Japan, Canada, Belarus, Bosnia

Paul D (Washington/America):

America, Belgium, Russia, Puerto Rico

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