Great Britain wins the Nations Cup Condolences Final

Great Britain wins the Nations Cup Condolences Final

With clear rounds by Harry Charles with Romeo 88 (by calling Van de Hevenk) and Emily Moffett with Winning Good (by Winningmood) supplemented by four fouls by Holly Smith and Denver (by Memphis), the Great Britain team reached the Consolation Final by winning the Nations Cup in Barcelona. After three sets, the British supremacy was so great that icon John Whitaker no longer needed to share.

In this consolation final, the Challenge Cup, the seven nations that finished bottom in the first round of the Nations Cup final on Friday night were allowed to participate. France came in second with a total of 10 penalty points. Mark Delaser and Penelope Librevost set the damage to one error each. Norway took third place, led by Viktoria Gulliksen.


Switzerland finished fourth, with only three groups in the team. Steve Gordat, Edwin Smits and Martin Fox seem to have lost their game in recent weeks. The three of them took out two rods from spoons. Italy annoyingly finished fifth. Canada and Ukraine also participated in the first round on Friday, but did not start the Challenge Cup again.

Have a happy Harry Charles weekend

It was a great weekend for 22-year-old British rider Harry Charles. He got a bonus for being the only one to stay clear for two rounds and he may have €50,000 added on. His team also won 70,000 euros by winning the Challenge Cup.



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