GPU History: What is the Legendary Graphics Card?

GPU-Historie: Welche Grafikkarte ist die Legende unter Legenden?

To date, many graphics cards have appeared from a variety of manufacturers, which were leading in their time and also very early for their era. But what do you think is the legend among legendary GPUs? ATi, Nvidia, S3, 3dfx, Matrox, Tseng Labs Trident and PowerVR are available.

Which graphics card is the legend among the legends?

Radeon, GeForce, Voodoo, and other legends

Based on editors graphics card tests, originating with GeForce 2 Ultra (test) from 2001 on ComputerBase, large retro hardware image thread that ComputerBase community is responsible for started by andi_sco, various contributions to ComputerBase forum and format C:\B_retro\ With 100 releases, 27 candidates have appeared claiming to be the legend among the legendary GPUs.

S3, 3dfx, ATi, Nvidia, Matrox, PowerVR, Trident

A total of seven 3dfx manufacturers, known in particular for their Voodoo and Voodoo² accelerators, are represented across ATi, S3, Nvidia, Matrox, PowerVR, and Trident.

the creator
  • S3
  • ATi
  • 3dfx
  • nvidia
  • Matrox
  • Powerover
  • trident

Which GPU or graphics card has impacted you the most? What model did you start with in computer and gaming? What is the version you remember the most? Some inspiration? Nothing is easier than that!

The editors, C:\B_retro\ and the community from the ComputerBase forum have a lot of content on the topic of GPUs, graphics cards, and 3D accelerators that can help with the decision-making process.

What is your favorite GPU?

Which GPU or graphics card has impacted you the most? The editors look forward to detailed contributions and well-founded rationales as well as exciting discussions in the comments to this Sunday question.

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The first GPUs for our readers

This overview of the first GPUs for ComputerBase readers, collected as part of C:\B_retro\issue_81\, should provide further inspiration to vote.

As more “first” graphics cards are being reported seriously in the comments section, we’ve compiled an extensive list of “latest” ones. It shouldn’t be hidden that the author also overlooked some of the letters in the first run. 😉

Sharing is clearly desirable

The editors would be very happy to receive good, detailed reasons for your decisions in the comments to this Sunday question. If you have completely different favourites, please write them in the comments.

Readers who have not yet participated in Sunday’s Final Questions are encouraged to do so. Exciting discussions are still going on in the ComputerBase forum, especially regarding recent surveys.

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