Gossip Girl reboot gets cameos from the original cast

Gossip Girl reboot gets cameos from the original cast

Just a few days and then restart gossip Girl to see. At least, in the United States, the chain July 8 broadcast on HBO Max We hope that the Netherlands will soon follow suit. Especially now, because apparently the original cast of the series hasn’t been fully released.

Gossip Girl reboot gets cameos from the original cast as easter eggs for the fans

In a new interview with daily monster, let the creator gossip GirlAnd the Joshua SafranKnow that the show will have pictures from the original cast, so easter eggs for the masses. There’s just one caveat: “There is some cameos in season one of people from the original show, but not the main characters from the series.” Unfortunately, nothing Serena From Blair And therefore.

Safran has good reason for this: “We’ve made that decision before – and I was very worried about that decision too, but I think it was the right decision – because the public was never He will accept new characters When they are in the shadow of the original characters. They are already in the shadows of the original characters, but if the original actors are with them somehow, why are you zoya Want to know if you suddenly Nate I can see?’ There is a point in Safran.

Another reason for deleting special characters is their presence Too little screen time Will be. Safran says the new cast gossip Girl Much larger than its predecessor, with 16 regulars And 22 recursive characters, compared to the original’s seven and 12. Joshua: “Because the show is bigger, there’s not enough time in front of the screen. If Blair appeared in two scenes, she’d say: “I want more from Blair.” The decision was: let’s get behind the first season first, and if there’s a second season, we’ll have a chance to get the frills that are more than just glorious short appearances, Really with his own story. We hope to get there and call the cast when it’s time to see if they’d like to come.” We’re secretly hoping so too.

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The new gossip girl is getting bigger get up And fans love it

Joshua also responds to fans saying reboot “gossip girl woke up” Mention. A while ago the wealthy students of the series’ rerun were already announced الإعلان They will be more aware of their privileges. Something that wasn’t really the case with the original characters, or rather: not really the case.

While the creators mean well, that’s not really what fans want to see. Yes, it’s important for creators to know the franchises so they can incorporate them into the series, but if it were the actors themselves, then the series wouldn’t be. Too rude and exaggerated get up, removing the silly edge from the chain that made it so good? As one fan tweeted:

“The whole appeal of Gossip Girl is that they are spoiled, wealthy kids who are detached from reality, obsessed with materialism and themselves… Wealthy people are not socially conscious. Their morals are questionable, their lifestyle is questionable. [weelderig] Making it amusing FFS!

According to Joshua, this is what reality looks like now and they want to respond to this with the string: “ If anyone has ever spent time with rich kids From now on, you know they are aware of their privilege. they should we will. The Kardashians They talk about it constantly. But just because they know it doesn’t mean they aren’t misusing it.

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