Gorgeous! Here comes Miffy’s flagship store

Gorgeous!  Here comes Miffy's flagship store

75 Sqm Filled With Nijntjes. How cool is that ?! In the Mall of Holland, Leidschendam’s revamped shopping center, there will be Miffy’s flagship store.

Miffy in The Hague, Miffy lamp or full service. The lovable White Rooster Bunny Bruna is not only fun for the little ones, we’re still fans too.

The flagship store

Miffy’s store is located in the central square of the indoor shopping center and thus will be 75 square meters. We hope you don’t have to wait long for opening. If everything goes according to plan (and measures around Coronavirus allow it), the Mall of the Netherlands will open on March 18th and with that, Miffy will open its doors as well.

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