Google Store: 24 Hours Sale Starts! Today, only 20% off the Pixel 6, Chromecast, and more


In Germany Google Store The announcement that was already announced in the past few days begins 24 hour sale, which is actually happening today September 9 only. Google is celebrating the company’s 24th birthday and all users should be able to celebrate with a series of activities. We’ll show you which products are discounted and how you can secure the discounted prices.

google play store birthday

Which was announced a few days ago 24 hour sale On the German Google Store, as the name suggests, it should only be applied on Fridays. Google celebrates the company’s 24th birthday on September 9, although that actually happens a few days later. Of course, this does not matter much to users who can benefit from some powerful promotions.

In order to take advantage of the following promotions, you must enter the code at checkout Google 24 Enter and receive 20% off. The information on the Google Store is a bit contradictory, because while the start page says there’s a discount on specific products, the info text at the top says “All devices” (sic!) Modernization: We now know that a 20% discount applies to all products. Just try it when you go out Google Store Outside.

These products are advertised at discounted prices:

  • Pixel 6a phone
  • Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones
  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • Nest Wifi
  • Nest Hub (2nd generation)
  • pixel buds a
  • nest bell
  • and all other products

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Google Play Store 2 . Birthday

It’s a shame that the German Google Store doesn’t list any Chromebooks, or else you can save a lot there today, even apart from Pixel smartphones. This is what’s available on Amazon today Up to 26 percent off Chromebooks! If you’re interested in Chromebooks, you can also buy the Pixel 6 from other retailers and get one for free:

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Last Updated 09/09/2022 Images from Amazon Product Advertising API Affiliate Links Thank you for your support!

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