Google Stadia urgently needs to send you a roadmap for 2022

Google Stadia urgently needs to send you a roadmap for 2022

Google Stadia should provide a full roadmap by 2022.

On Andro4all we have talked on more than one occasion about Google Stadia, the awesome G streaming video game platform that was officially launched during November 2019. It is a modern platform but despite everything, it has become the main choice for many users, especially for those who have little space in their homes or with little time to play video games .

However, the patience of many veteran Stadia players is coming to an end. Not due to platform malfunctions, quite the contrary, But due to lack of news and roadmap by Google. What games are coming to the platform? What’s new coming to Stadia in 2022? The truth is, we know absolutely nothing.

Stadia problem is called Google

Stadia will be two years old soon.

Which is that the main problem with Stadia is Google. It is a platform that has everything to succeed, works perfectly, is compatible with many devices and is ideal for all those who just want to play video games without thinking about patches or load times. But Google is once again putting stones on its surface.

While other companies have announced important games in their catalog or news coming soon – the case of GeForce Now with 4K and 120 FPS games – Google is silent. His official blog is devoid of content and his social networks are just a joke. All this causes uncertainty that should not exist given the potential of the platform.

Since Stadia and Google need to offer a roadmap to their customers, the second anniversary next November is the best time for that. Show that they are committed to the platform, show their future plans, and finally, show the games that will soon arrive on the platform. Because it is pointless to get the best video streaming service if you later don’t know how to use it well.

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Is Google Stadia the best gaming platform for beginners?

even if, Many of us will continue to support Stadia because we think it’s the future, but we can’t do much or nothing if Google doesn’t take its foot off the brakes.

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