Google Photos: Top 4 Things You Should Know

Google Photos: Top 4 Things You Should Know

Google Photos..a free application based on Google used to backup photos and videos. Many people want to keep their photos and videos safe. Assuming images enter it automatically. But there is a limit to Google Photos. Did you know that all those photos and videos will fly away if you get past that..or you ran for a long time with a full memory?. So, be aware of these things related to Google Photos.

Google gives free space to each Google account for the Google Photos app. It has options like Express, Storage Saver, and Original Quality. If the original quality is not clicked.. the photos and videos will not be saved in good quality. Then save the images in a smaller size. These photos and videos will appear blurry in Google Photos. Many people give low quality priority to space in Google Photos. But, if you want to hide the image quality.. you should not click on the original quality option.

If storage exceeds..
Similar to Google Drive in Google account storage.. Google also gives 15 GB of space for Google Photos. If this limit is exceeded.. the photos and videos taken will no longer be automatically saved in the Google Photos app. Then there is the possibility that the already saved data (photos, video already available) will be affected. Therefore, you can purchase additional storage for Google Photos with a Google One subscription.

If you don’t buy..
Even if you run out of the full Google Photos quota (15 GB complete), no additional storage will be purchased otherwise. Subsequent photos and videos will not transfer to Google Photos Backup. I mean.. kavannamata store. If you run the Google Photos app for 24 months with an excessive quota, there is a risk that the photos and videos in it will already be automatically deleted. So, if your Google Photos memory is full, you should stop using the Google Photos app (via Settings).

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google says
Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, Jamboard, Sites, Files) etc. All content and data will be deleted automatically if not used for two years. But even Google alerts its users via emails and notifications before doing so. It will alert the user again three months before deletion. It also allows downloading content at that time.

If you’re active on Gmail and Drive, you’ve ignored Google Photos for two years. Google removes all content in Google Photos.

To avoid data deletion.
Sign in to your Google account often. You need to check Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos (both on the web and in the app) via the Internet. Remove unnecessary photos, videos, and content.. Keep free space. Another important thing is that most people have two or three Google accounts on the same phone. Therefore, Photos, Drive, and Gmail accounts must be verified for all accounts.

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