Google Chrome: The download manager is being rebuilt – the bar at the bottom should finally be gone


users Google Chrome We can look forward to some innovations being rolled out in areas that are rarely touched. In addition to the new trip history, this will soon also include a new download manager that is ported to the other end of the browser and takes up much less space than before.

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Google Chrome has always had a very simple download manager, which can be found at chrome: // downloads It can be accessed and it lists all the active and previous downloads with some details. If a new download is started, a relatively large bar appears at the bottom of the browser, which provides information about current and recent downloads. It should be well known and doesn’t really fit into Chrome’s concept of leaving as much space as possible for the actual site. Designers also noticed this more than a decade later.

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The new download area now moves to the top of the icon bar, which contains the extensions, profile, and Chrome menu as well. It is displayed there with a simple download icon. If the download is active, the button turns blue and the progress is shown with a circular frame. Clicking the button opens an overlay that is very similar to the full download area, but it still lacks some features.

The new version can now be viewed in Chrome Canary. So if you want to give it a try, you can simply switch to the beta browser. Knowing or something similar is not necessary.

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