Google and Apple close the “wrap” of digital payments for Russians

Google and Apple close the "wrap" of digital payments for Russians

Apple and Google already closed their digital stores in Russia earlier this month, in part because many international payments are no longer possible anyway due to the SWIFT shutdown of Russia. Visa and MasterCard also halted payments to Russian users weeks ago.

One of the remaining methods for many Russians was to pay via Apple Pay or Google Pay. Both payment services are suitable for both digital and in-store PIN purchases. It happened with the Mir payment card, the Russian equivalent of Visa and MasterCard.

Stop cooperating with Mir

Apple and Google have now stopped working with Mir, which is run by the Russian Central Bank. An Apple spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal that Mir is no longer offered as an option in Apple Pay.

The Mir card was not yet available by default in Google Pay, but a test program was running to make the card available. An informed source told the American newspaper that this testing program has now been discontinued.

Technology companies suspend their services in Russia

Several tech companies have already implemented restrictions in Russia. Spotify completely pulled out of Russia this weekend, weeks after Netflix, Microsoft and Sony, among others, ceased their activities in Russia. Amazon is no longer sending products to Russia, has discontinued its video service and is no longer allowing new customers on its AWS cloud service.

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