GoDaddy Under Fire Over Fake Phishing Email Promises Bonus | right Now

GoDaddy Under Fire Over Fake Phishing Email Promises Bonus |  right Now

Web hosting company GoDaddy has come under fire in the US for sending a fake phishing email to its employees. In the email, employees were promised a bonus, while earlier in the year it became clear that he was not there due to the Corona epidemic.

“Happy Holidays! 2020 was a record year for us, thanks in part to your business. And although we can’t celebrate them together during our annual party, we still want to thank you with a one-time bonus of $ 650 (€ 530, Editor) “, he says to read in the mail that NBC Face.

Later in the email, employees were asked to fill in and send the details. The message was actually sent out on December 14th, but it is only now getting attention in the US media.

to me NBC Many employees found e-mail from their employer “insensitive” because earlier this year many employees left on the street.

GoDaddy hopes to use bogus email to warn its employees. The employees of large companies are often the target of hackers and malicious parties. The web hosting company has had major data leaks in the past. Even made Forbes This year, a leak was reported from October 2019. GoDaddy has over twenty million customers.

It is not known how many employees were trapped. The company wanted the opposite NBC Do not react.

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