Goals Highlights on Querétaro 2-2 Xolos at Guard1anes 2020 | 9/11/2020

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8 hours ago

Thank you for listening

8 hours ago

This is how the playoff game remains

8 hours ago

Xolos got the necktie

8 hours ago

93 ‘

The match ends in a draw!
Queretaro 2-2 Xolos
With this whistle the regular stage of Guard1anes 2020 ends!

Since 12:54 AM 8 hours ago

87 ‘

A distant shot of Escamela requires Jonah Orozco’s reflexes.

Since 12:52 am

86 ‘

Xolos with possession of the ball, goes forward and looks for a return.

8 hours ago

79 ‘

A yellow card from Betancourt who hit the opponent with his left arm in the face.

8 hours ago

A great definition of cortiso

8 hours ago

73 ‘

Two more changes from Querétaro: Silveira and Zurita left to give income to Juan Meza and Betancourt.

8 hours ago

70 ‘

Left kick by Lopez passed by Queretaro’s goal and almost turned the score.

8 hours ago

65 ‘

A great sweep for Arellano before Loroña arrives in the area.

8 hours ago

Querétaro extended the feature

8 hours ago

60 ‘

First change of roosters: left Ibarra and entered veteran Omar Arellano.

8 hours ago

58 ‘Goals only

Loroña received the ball in the area, controlling her chest and marking the first post with her left foot.
Pablo Guidi’s Team has already linked it!

8 hours ago

55 ‘Goal only

A long serve from the left flank, shot by Jordi Cortizo, sticks to the bottom of Orozco’s goal.

8 hours ago

45 ‘

The second half begins with a partial advantage for Gallus.

11:53 PM 9 hours ago

45 ‘

A good sweep of Aldo Cruz prevents Gallus’ second goal.
The first half ends!

9 hours ago

43 ‘

The center of the area that picks up well is Bravo.

9 hours ago

36 ‘

A cross from Zorita ended up losing sight of Orozco’s goal.

9 hours ago

32 ‘

Yellow card for Jordan Silva for committing a foul on Ibarra from the back.

9 hours ago

28 ‘

Jordan Silva was trying to win in the area but it all ended with a foul in Gallus’ favor.

11:29 PM 9 hours ago

22 ‘

Sepulveda’s shot is placed on the field to contact the header and the ball hits the post.

9 hours ago

8 ‘Queretaro goal

Ramirez’s powerful free kick, Orozco stopped the first half but the ball was left to Velázquez, who knew perfectly well with a cross shot.
The cannons were present!

9 hours ago

7 ‘

Yellow card for Gamíz to iron Madrigal

10 hours ago

4 ‘

Short for Jonathan Orozco after a free kick charge.

11:06 PM 10 hours ago

0 ‘

The match begins at Corregidora!

11:01 PM 10 hours ago

Xolos is game ready

10:57 PM 10 hours ago

Locals are already preparing

10:26 PM 10 hours ago

Favorable data for local residents

10 hours ago

The stadium is in excellent condition

10:12 PM 10 hours ago

Start a live broadcast

Since 2:57 PM 18 hours ago

The last match between Queretaro and Xolos

2:52 PM 18 hours ago

How and where to see Querétaro vs Xolos

2:47 p.m. 18 hours ago

The latest Xolos lineup

Orozco. Silva, Lopez, Lauronia, Cruz, Jamies; Guzmán, Rivera, Línez, Castillo and Angolo

2:42 p.m. 18 hours ago

The last lineup from Querétaro

Bravo, Zorita, Rhea, Duldan, Nava, Ibarra, Montes, Madrigal, Ramirez, Sepulveda and Silveira.

2:37 p.m. 18 hours ago

The main player in Xolos

2:32 p.m. 18 hours ago

A major player of Queretaro

2:27 p.m. 18 hours ago

Tijuana lost in the final of the Cup

2:22 p.m. 18 hours ago

Querétaro for a decent closure

2:17 p.m. 18 hours ago

Starting time

The Querétaro vs Xolos match will take place at Corregidora Stadium in Querétaro, Mexico.
The start of the match has been set at 11:00 PM ET.

2:12 PM 18 hours ago

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