Goals and highlights of Juarez 1-1 America in Liga MX 2020 | 7/11/2020

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1:29 AM 7 hours ago

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Thank you for watching Juarez 1-1 America broadcast on VAVEL.COM on the last day of the MX League

1:28 AM 7 hours ago


Despite the good match, Juarez and both Puebla and Toluca were eliminated in the group

01:27 AM 7 hours ago

game over

Juarez 1-1 America

1:26 AM 7 hours ago

92 ‘

Warning from Velasquez

1:25 AM 7 hours ago

91 ‘

Change America. Diaz leaves and Gonzalez enters

1:24 AM 7 hours ago

90 ‘

Four minutes were added

01:23 AM 7 hours ago

America’s goal 1-1

1:21 AM 7 hours ago

88 ‘

Lezcano end is semicircular

1:18 AM 7 hours ago

85 ‘

Rapunal is foretold and a free kick in favor of America

1:17 AM 7 hours ago

84 ‘

Juarez has retreated, and America is not clear about the attack

1:16 AM 7 hours ago

82 ‘

From the center to Martin’s second position passing side by side

1:13 AM 7 hours ago

79 ‘

Richard Sanchez leaves and Sanchez enters change America

1:10 AM 7 hours ago

77 ‘

Sanchez cleans the area and takes out the shot Marin swept to transform

8 hours ago

69 ‘

Cordova equalized, but Palos deflected the ball with both hands and avoided the first visit

Since 1:01 AM 8 hours ago

68 ‘

Lezcano turns around but in the moment he struck him he does so in a decaying manner

12:57 am 8 hours ago

64 ‘

Lopez got in and left Ibargen. Change America

12:57 am 8 hours ago


Pure heels inside the area Ochoa rescues, even though they were out of place before

12:55 AM 8 hours ago

62 ‘

Cordova’s kick is deflected and will be a corner kick

Since 12:54 AM 8 hours ago

60 ‘

Free Shot Lopez Steps Up

8 hours ago

55 ‘

America surprised Juarez, taking the blow that came out from the side

8 hours ago

51 ‘

Contreras missed it. He arrives alone inside the area and detonates it

8 hours ago

49 ‘

Juarez misses a corner kick that does not cause much danger

8 hours ago

46 ‘

Out of place when Diaz had already hit him across as he passed

8 hours ago

46 ‘

The second half begins: Juarez 1-0 America

8 hours ago

Half the time

Juarez 1-0 America

8 hours ago

44 ‘

A possible penalty for America was reviewed in the video assistant referee, but nothing was indicated

8 hours ago

43 ‘

Sanchez’s double cut, but when it came to shooting, the defense blocked her

8 hours ago

41 ‘

A very long serve as Enrique Palos plays his area well and grabs the ball

8 hours ago

The goal was canceled for Juarez

8 hours ago

38 ‘

Fernandez header shot to the second post a little bit

8 hours ago

36 ‘

A little clarity from both teams in midfield as they were unable to get depth

12:08 AM 8 hours ago

33 ‘

Lezcano’s shot from a medium distance goes by very close to the goal

12:07 AM 8 hours ago

31 ‘

A center within the small Intriago district that Rapunal cannot fly to

12:06 AM 8 hours ago

30 ‘

Diaz claimed a foul of the boundaries of the area, but the verdict did not indicate anything

12:02 AM 9 hours ago

26 ‘

Lezcano scored the second goal, but before that the striker missed

12:01 AM 9 hours ago

25 ‘

The ball that Martin does not reach before well off the sticks that reject the danger. There was no out of place

11:57 PM 9 hours ago

21 ‘

Sanchez was trying to bypass the left flank, but he was hit by a two-for-one and the ball was stolen

11:54 PM 9 hours ago

18 ‘|

The Cordova takes some time to hit the area inside the area and the ball is stolen

9 hours ago

13 ‘

A late diagonal finishes Flavio Santos and hits outside the net

11:45 PM 9 hours ago

8 ‘

Cordova’s long-distance shot pierces the sticks

9 hours ago

7 ‘

Closed position Ochoa can deviate from the goal line

9 hours ago

7 ‘

Sanchez’s mistake and Braavos will take a direct free kick

11:40 PM 9 hours ago

4 ‘

The first minutes without clear control, but Juarez tried more

9 hours ago

2 ‘

Ochoa has a lot of getting out complicated and it ends up sending the ball to manual serve

9 hours ago

2 ‘

Chops and cuts with lead that smoothly cuts sticks

9 hours ago

1 ‘

Outside Lezcano’s place

9 hours ago

They jump in the field

The league anthem is heard and the two teams take the field

11:32 PM 9 hours ago

America eleventh

Ochoa. Fuentes, Casares, del Castillo, Sanchez; Cordova, ibargin, sanchez, escobosa; Martin, Diaz

11:32 PM 9 hours ago

XI Juarez

Palos. Lopez, Velasquez, Marin; Mendoza. Fernandez, Interago, Contreras, Santos; Rapunal, Liscano

11:30 pm 9 hours ago

The best scorers

Federico Viñas and Henry Martin are the team’s top scorer, with six goals.

9 hours ago

50% efficiency

Juarez won half the points at home, with three wins, three draws and two losses.

9 hours ago

Complex visitor

America played seven away matches, with three wins, two draws and two losses.

9 hours ago

How do they go there?

11:05 PM 10 hours ago

We have started

Juarez aspires to qualify against America. Join us in this action game for the last day of the MX League

10:55 PM 10 hours ago

The latest games

They only faced twice in the MX League as America could not defeat Juarez. On their only visit in 2019 Apertura, they drew 1-1.

10 hours ago

How to Watch Juárez vs América Live TV and Stream

10:40 PM 10 hours ago

The main player is Juarez

After defeating Coronavirus, Marco Fabian will return and threaten to score Memo Ochoa’s box.

10:35 PM 10 hours ago

Referee Juarez against America

The referee responsible for this match will be Oscar Mejia.

10:30 pm 10 hours ago

America’s latest lineup

Ochoa. Sanchez, Caceres, Aguilera, Fuentes; Suárez, Cásares, Sánchez, Córdova; Martin, Dos Santos.

10:25 PM 10 hours ago

Juarez latest squad

Sticks; Lopez, Velasquez, Marin, Mendoza; Fernandez, Esquivel, Contreras, Santos; Manion, Lescano.

10 hours ago

America: Sub-Leadership Guarantee

With their ticket to the quarter-finals already confirmed, the Eagles are now looking to maintain their first-division position and conclude an impressive tournament, especially after beating Tigres 3-1 last week.

10 hours ago

Juarez: All for all

FC Juarez play the playoffs on Friday when they have to win to secure their place, otherwise they will have to wait for defeats at Puebla and Mazatlan. Last week, they beat Queretaro 1-0.

10 hours ago

Starting time

The Juarez against America The match will be played at the Olímpico Benito Juárez Stadium in Ciudad Juárez. The start of the match has been set at 11:30 PM ET.

10:05 PM 11 hours ago

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