“Go make it too difficult for Delmée”

"Go make it too difficult for Delmée"

Jeroen Hertzberger extended his contract with Rotterdam at the beginning of this month for two more seasons until mid-2024. The 36-year-old striker will start his 20th season at Rotterdam, the main power in September, and his 18th season in the Eredivisie major. . Fitter than ever, Hertzberger has a clear goal in mind: “I want to make it very difficult for the national coach.”

From a distance, Jeroen Hertzberger has followed the Orange Men’s performance in the FIH Pro League and in show matches with New Zealand and Australia in recent months. Normally, the same experienced striker was always busy in the summer months as an international orange, but now he’s suddenly a sailor of time.

“Since 2007 I’ve been working with Orange every summer,” Hertzberger says. That suddenly disappeared this summer. Fun for my wife and three kids, but also weird. From mid-May to the end of July, I suddenly had to set my hockey agenda.

fitter than ever

Hertzberger played his 267th international and last provisional match at the Tokyo Olympics last year, in the quarter-finals he lost after a penalty shootout against Australia (2-2, with one goal from Herzberger). Subsequently, Jeroen Delmy replaced Max Caldas as national coach, the Orange team was significantly revamped and rejuvenated, and Hertzberger, like Sander de Wien and Robert Kempermann, no longer belonged to the group. They still stand with Delmée I’m waiting.

Jeroen Hertzberger duels with Australian Jeremy Hayward during the Tokyo Games. Photo: Queen Suiko

Hertzberger: Orange is the highest level you can achieve as a hockey player. i have geron [Delmée] Let me know at the beginning of this year that I would like to have Oranje. Then he said he wouldn’t choose me this summer anyway.

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To ensure that a gap that cannot be bridged with the Orange Internationals does not appear, Hertzberger has put together an intense training plan for himself, with plenty of cardio, strength and hockey training. The numbers on my muscle mass and fat percentage show that I’m fitter than ever. I feel strong, driven and hungry to be good with Rotterdam in September and October.

Jeroen Hertzberger to extend his contract at the beginning of July. Photo: HC Rotterdam

Kobe Bryant as an inspiration

Hertzberger was recently inspired by basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his friends Mamba mentality. It basically boils down to this: work as hard as possible to leave nothing to chance. Do more than your opponents and put everything aside to achieve your goals.

“I made a tough deal with myself this summer,” Hertzberger says. “Work harder than your opponentThis is basically what it says. I have to show it and I will. The orange door is not closed. It’s up to me to make it very difficult for the national coach.

Herzberger cheer after a goal against Tilburg last season. Photo: Bart Schuldermann

Among the questions, Hertzberger asserts that it is not about a personal victory, but about a collective mission. The Dutch national team must once again behave structurally at a higher level. Always enter for prizes. He would like to make his contribution and commitment to that.

I firmly believe in the current group. You can see it from the perspective of culture and mentality Everyone is included I want to go. This is the only way to reach the top. No delay, but do your best and get everything out of it. With an attitude: opponents only run after me, not the other way around.

Sky stars

Hertzberger knows he has to play the stars of Heaven in Rotterdam to stay within sight of the Delmée at all. This is the challenge the passionate striker is happy to take on. Rotterdam finished disappointingly ninth last season, but cemented themselves with Stegen van Heijingen (HGC) and Britain international Adam Dixon and have a new experienced coach for the group with Robin Roach.

“Prospects are good,” says Hertzberger. Men such as Olivier Hortensius, Pepijn van der Heijden, Menno Boeren and Guus Jansen have gained a lot of experience with the Dutch Juniors, Thijs van Dam, Tjep Hoedemakers, Justen Blok and Derk Meijer and are developing further due to their extensive stint with the Orange team. I’m really looking forward to starting the first training session next Tuesday.

When the ball starts rolling in the Eredivisie from the start of September, we will soon experience how hungry and passionate Hertzberger is. In any case, there is no shortage of self-confidence in Hertzberger, who has already scored 301 goals in seventeen seasons in the big league. “I am absolutely convinced that I can earn my 30th for the next Rotterdam season.” National coach Jeroen Dilme will follow up with interest.

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