Go gold: Athletes from these countries benefit more than medals

Go gold: Athletes from these countries benefit more than medals

Our colleagues from RTL Z found out earlier in the Netherlands that you can buy a nice middle-class car with gold medal proceeds. For example, gold Sevan Hasan yields 30,000 euros. The Dutch athlete’s silver medal earns €22,500 and the bronze €15,000.

at the neighbors

The bonus with our southern neighbours, Belgium, is a little higher. The winner of a gold medal will receive 50,000 euros. Silver and Bronze give a bonus of 30 thousand euros and 20 thousand euros respectively. In Germany’s eastern neighbors they pay a little less, with 20 thousand euros for gold, 15 thousand euros for silver and 10 thousand euros for bronze.

In general, this is not bad at all, but it could be much better.

American business magazine Forbes searched for the best place to live (in terms of money for the medal, let’s not think about the rest) in order to make as much money as possible from your sports earnings. We will sort it out.

Honorable Mention: Estonia

We begin with an honorable mention of Estonia. Because even though the amount paid there for a gold medal doesn’t seem that high, 4,600 euros, it still goes up well. Because Estonian winners receive this amount annually for the rest of their lives. For a 29-year-old athlete who is 78 years old, this means a total of more than 250 thousand euros. Not too stingy after all.

No. 10: Kosovo

The small government of Kosovo is not stingy with athletes. A gold medal for an athlete from that country earns €100,000. The silver medal winners get 60,000 euros and the bronze medal still brings in 40,000 euros. In any case, the country has already secured two gold medals with its Judok victories Nora Jiakova and Destria Krasnicki.

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Coaches get half a medal. And that’s not all. In addition to rewarding the state, the Kosovo Olympic Committee also wants to pay a sum to the athletes themselves. How high it will be has not yet been decided.

No. 9: Hungary

The Hungarian who wins the gold gets about 140,000 euros credited to his bank account. Silver 100,000 euros and bronze 80,000 euros. Athletes who receive four to eight also receive smaller and smaller amounts. As for prize money, it doesn’t matter whether someone gave a performance solo or whether it was performed as a team. This is good news for the Hungarian men’s water polo team, which is one of the favorites to win the gold medal.

No. 8: Philippines

For a gold medal, a Filipino athlete receives about 170 thousand euros. Last week, Filipino weightlifter Hedlin Diaz won her country’s gold medal for the first time in 97 years. How happy her citizens were about this was evident from all the rewards she received in addition to that prize money. Including a reward from the head of state, Duterte, she is richer by more than 800,000 euros. I also got a house, an apartment, a small car, and unlimited flights with two airlines.

No. 6: Malaysia

Malaysia pays an athlete with a gold medal 200,000 euros. The silver winner will receive 60 thousand euros, while the bronze medal winner will receive 20 thousand euros. In addition, winners receive a monthly payment. For gold 1000 euros, for silver 600 and for bronze 400.

No. 5: Kazakhstan

This month, Kazakhstan announced that the gold medal-winning athletes will receive 210,000 euros, silver revenue 125,000 and bronze over 60,000 euros.

No. 4: Bangladesh

Bangladesh is doing its best to motivate the athletes and women to win the gold medal. Because the country has never won a gold medal before. So the gold medal now yields no less than €250,000. The silver winner will receive 120,000 euros while the bronze medal winner will receive 85,000 euros. However, it wasn’t to help this year either. None of the six Olympic athletes from Bangladesh have ever won a gold medal.

No. 3: Bronze for Indonesia

An individual gold medal awards a minimum of €290,000 to an Indonesian athlete. In addition, the winner of a gold medal receives approximately 1,200 euros per month. This bonus was also applied during the games in 2016. Then the Indonesian mixed badminton pair, who won the gold medal, got a big bonus.

No. 2: Taiwan’s silver

The Taiwanese runner receives 600,000 euros for a gold medal. This version of the Games can already be claimed by someone: Kuo Hsing-chun won the gold medal in weightlifting in the weight category up to 59 kg. Taiwan is not only generous to the eventual winners. The person in eighth place still receives more than 26,000 euros, which is equivalent to what an American athlete would receive in exchange for gold.

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No. 1: Gold for Singapore

There can only be one winner – unless you’re a high jumper – and that’s… Singapore. The state pays athletes who win a gold medal at least 1 million Singapore dollars or 620,000 euros. Silver medal winners will receive 310,000 euros and bronze 155,000 euros. So far it hasn’t helped much. Singapore is still at zero medals in the rankings so far.


So it could always be better than Holland, but it could also be a lot worse. There are also a lot of countries that pay absolutely nothing for a podium place at the Olympics. After all, it is about honor.

For example, Great Britain, Norway, New Zealand and Sweden do not award any gold, silver, or bronze reward in Tokyo.

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