Gjon’s tears come March 10 with the successor to ‘Répondez-moi’ – Songfestival.be

Gjon's tears come March 10 with the successor to 'Répondez-moi' - Songfestival.be

It is by no means an exception, but we still remember that the Swiss artist who should have gone to Rotterdam in 2020 to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest will still do so in 2021. On the 10th of March we will hear the song that Swiss Albanian artist Gjon’s will do Tears.

The Belgian co-wrote the 2020 song Jeroen Swinen, Which is used for television series, among other things Kind He writes the music, and nothing is known about the song for 2021. We only know that the announcement will be released on March 10 in 16.00 hours. For example, after March 4, March 10 will also become one Busy dayIn addition to the Swiss entry into Bulgaria, Greece, and Switzerland’s neighbor, Austria.

For 2020, Gjon’s Tears was internally picked with his song, and now he was instantly picked as an artist and allowed to write favorite songs with musicians and producers. Came there Thirteen songs From, entry has already been selected at the end of December. This was done by a jury made up of twenty international music experts and one hundred Eurovision experts.

Listen again to the Swiss input last year.

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