Giuliani quotes “My Cousin Vinny” as he presents conspiracy theories at an odd press conference

Giuliani quotes "My Cousin Vinny" as he presents conspiracy theories at an odd press conference

Amidst working in states where he believes the Trump campaign could tip the election results, Giuliani starred in a courtroom scene from the 1992 film.

Election observers counted away from the number of votes compared to a moment in the film in which the character of the same name asks a witness in court how many fingers he is holding, claiming that she cannot see anything.

Giuliani’s allegations centered mostly on mail ballots believed to be widely open to fraud, and the logistics of counting ballots. He claimed to have hundreds of affidavits to support his accusations.

“This is enough to cancel any elections,” he said, adding that widespread fraud was carried out by “democratic leaders” and that the Trump campaign still had “multiple paths to victory.”

At one point, he referred to President-elect Joe Biden as a “fraudulent” and rebuked the press for reporting that he had no evidence of fraud. Giuliani did not present any evidence in court of the fraud.

He claimed it was statistically impossible for Trump to lose in Pennsylvania and claimed that he had statisticians willing to testify as such.

He described Biden’s victory in the state as: “Not a victory, but a fraud.”

Those who review the affidavits filed in Michigan say they contain vague suspicions with some specific allegations. There is no evidence of widespread fraud.

The former New York mayor also claimed in his opening remarks that there was a central plan to rig elections that focused particularly on major cities, controlled by the Democrats, and which he says has a history of voter fraud.

The greater percentage of voters in most large urban areas consistently vote Democrats up and down the ballot, so a higher turnout would naturally explain a greater number of votes for Biden.

With what appeared to be hair dye falling down the sides of his face, Mr. Giuliani turned the stage to attorney Sidney Powell who devised an incredibly far-fetched plot regarding Dominion Voting Systems, the late President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, who died in 2013, Communist money interferes in the elections American, and a vast plot involving switching computer voices.

The president tweeted with extreme concern about Dominion since the election, prompting the company to issue a statement refuting his attacks. MS Powell accused the company of “serious federal crimes”.

After outlining a bizarre conspiracy theory regarding a plan to determine the election through the system’s software, Powell concluded: “We’re going to clean up this mess now. President Trump won by an overwhelming majority.

And in third place was Trump’s legal adviser Gina Ellis, whose thoughts on the president were revealed by CNN as a candidate in 2016.

The press criticized “This is the court of public opinion now” and that the media are not “impartial juries.”

He later added that the media lie to the American people when they say there is no evidence.

“Our goal here is to circumvent the scandalous Iron Curtain to censorship and deliver the facts to the American people.”

Ms. Ellis described the assembled lawyers as an “elite strike force team” operating on behalf of the President. “We will not back down. We will not be afraid. President Trump will not yield to intimidation,” she added.

Earlier, Mr. Giuliani said that there are many lawyers working on a project to cancel the elections but that those present are the first team.

Of particular note was the presence of a campaign general counsel, senior RNC attorney, and no team that represented the president during the Mueller investigation.

Trump’s legal team has been dropping or losing case after case in court.

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