Girl (4) discovers a trail of a 220 million year old dinosaur on the coast of Wales

Girl (4) discovers a trail of a 220 million year old dinosaur on the coast of Wales

The curator of the National Museum of Wales describes the footprint as “the best specimen ever found on this beach”. “This will really help paleontologists get a better idea of ​​how dinosaurs lived. The museum’s acquisition is up to Lily.”

‘Too good to be true’

She saw the printout while walking on the beach with her parents. “Lily and her father discovered the print,” says her mother. “We thought it was too good to be real. Experts from the museum who took over from there were contacted.”

It turned out not too good to be true. According to archaeologists, the four-inch print was likely from a dinosaur three feet high and eight feet long.


Its exact type cannot be determined, but according to the museum, the print likely was of a skinny animal that walked on two hind legs. There are no fossils of this dinosaur, but similar footprints have been found previously in the United States. There it was said that they would come from Coelophysis. This dinosaur wouldn’t happen in the UK.

The beach where the footprint was found is private. Prints have been found before, but they were most likely not from dinosaurs but from crocodile-like reptiles. The footprint is now transferred to the National Museum in Cardiff where it is protected for study and admission.

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