Getting a second shot without an appointment is no longer possible: GGD tightens the rules

Getting a second shot without an appointment is no longer possible: GGD tightens the rules

RAI and other locations in Amsterdam and SS Rotterdam: All GGD vaccination centers where you can get a second injection based on your walk this morning and afternoon. Lots of messages circulated quickly on social media from people who used them.

Many of them also succeeded:

An editor at RTL Nieuws, who noted that he had only had an appointment in a few weeks, also visited RAI in Amsterdam. “The GGD staff asked if we had come for a visit or an appointment. They also wanted to know if it was the first injection or the second. Whatever the answer, they showed us the way inside.”

more people

There were more people in line who came for a second shot based on attendance. “Everything went smoothly and smoothly.”

In the afternoon, the GGD announced that this practice was not intended at all. “You can only get the first shot without an appointment,” says a GGD Amsterdam spokesperson. “Instructions have been tightened and mere entry is no longer possible.”

Confusion may have arisen because in some locations it has recently become possible to get a first vaccination without an appointment – but only if you haven’t made an appointment yet.

“If you want to use it, see the areas where it can be used,” says a national GGD spokesperson. “It is possible in Amsterdam, for example, to follow Utrecht soon.”


“It’s possible that information about the first or second injection without an appointment is starting to get mixed up. It’s based on a misunderstanding, which is entirely up to us,” the spokesperson says.

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GGD says people who schedule from tomorrow no longer have to wait five weeks for their second shot. The time between the first and second injections is shorter, up to four weeks.

Three weeks between shots

Getting the vaccine after three weeks, as a number of people have done today because research has shown that this is possible with the Pfizer vaccine, is no longer possible, because that becomes too complex to manage.

People who already have a second prick appointment cannot advance this appointment. “There are about three million scheduled appointments for a second dose in the coming period. If you provide all of those, there will not be enough vaccines at that early date.”


In short: Don’t just go in for a second prick appointment. Only do this if you haven’t made an appointment yet and check in advance where it can be done. The folks who managed to score a second shot this morning seem to be in luck.

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