Germany warns of global arms race for artificial intelligence

A very important role that artificial intelligence can play in enhancing traditional and advanced military capabilities, and there are those who believe that the world has already entered a new phase of the arms race with artificial intelligence.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas warned that an arms race with artificial intelligence has already begun, saying: “We are currently in the middle of this race and this is a fact that we have to deal with,” as he spoke to DW in part of a documentary called “Future Wars.” – How can it be prevented?

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence has recently begun to invade all areas of life, and that military technology is now witnessing a real revolution, due to the amazing progress in the field of robotics.

This accelerated development was driven by a set of motivating factors, which include the tremendous development in the use of software and its efficiency, the expansion of the adoption of large databases, as well as the remarkable progress in machine learning applications, and the preparation of algorithms.

In conjunction with the penetration of artificial intelligence in all areas of life; The military field is at the forefront of those fields that are expected to witness a major qualitative shift in the use of automation to enhance military capabilities and strategies.

But can it get out of hand and threaten the entire world? What are the features of the arms race of artificial intelligence?

Does the world need new rules and laws to rein in the dangers of intelligent autonomous weapons?

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These and other questions were addressed by the #WhatsApp_New program with the media #Ashraf_Shehab, and his guest was Dr. Ammar Al-Sakji, Director of the Center for Theoretical and Astronomical Physics from Amman in Jordan. To watch the full meeting:

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