German judge: No dressage rider galloped cruelty to animals

German judge: No dressage rider galloped cruelty to animals

Edward Gall with Undercover during CHIO in Rotterdam in 2015. © ANP

Oosterbeek – Dressage racer Edward Gall of Osterbeek has been acquitted in an alleged animal abuse case brought by animal rights group PETA.

The complaints go back to 2015, when the European Championships was held in Aachen, Germany. There was also the case against the dressage knight (51).

In the indictment, PETA claimed that Gall allowed his horse in disguise to ride in a Rolcor during the European Championships in Aachen. In the fascia, the horse’s head is pushed into an abnormally curved position; It is a controversial technology.

“This is not allowed and does not happen,” said a spokeswoman for the KNHS Equestrian Association in Ermelo. “Peta has tried to put Edward in a bad light this way before.”

“Systematic cruelty to animals”

The German judge dismissed the accusations as completely baseless. In response, PETA stated on its German website: “Despite the acquittal, this (…) is a clear indication of equestrian sports with their systematic cruelty to animals.”

Also in 2018, shortly before the World Equestrian Games in the US, an animal rights organization filed a complaint against Gal. This case, says the Equestrian Sports Federation, was immediately dropped.

A KNHS spokeswoman said Gale is considering legal action against PETA. “His image in Germany was damaged by the messages that PETA published.”

Pink foam around the mouth

During the European Championships in question, six years ago, the jury disqualified Gal and his horse. The secrecy was tense during the special Grand Prix, biting his tongue until it bled and the foam around his mouth turned pink. The company did not stand idly by after entering the ring.

against the we “It really went wrong during the Nations Cup awards ceremony,” Gall said at the time. “He got nervous from all the applause and this bombardment and couldn’t stand it. That feeling didn’t go away.”

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