George Russell unmoved by ‘Campaign to Survive’: ‘You have mixed feelings about it’

Russell niet onder de indruk van Drive to Survive: "Heb er gemengde gevoelens over"

The fourth season of Drive to Survive has generated much needed feedback from Formula 1 drivers. Now George Russell is also stating that he had “mixed feelings” after watching a number of episodes.

The fourth season of the Formula 1 Documentary Series was released last Friday. The series contributed to the popularity of the sport. This is especially evident in the United States. However, not everyone is equally pleased with the makers of documentaries. For example, a lot of sense will be pursued and the chain will not always be honest.

‘mixed feelings’

Russell is also on the show and shares his opinion Sky Sports F1: “I saw the two episodes I was in…” That didn’t prompt Russell to keep watching. “I’m not sure I’ll keep an eye on the rest,” Russell says. So he disagrees with how the characters are highlighted. “I have mixed feelings about it because we know everyone so well and it shows a different side,” the Briton explains. He doubts whether he will continue to watch the series.

new season

Russell has an important weekend ahead of him. The Bahrain Grand Prix will start on Sunday and the former Williams driver can finally race for the Mercedes team. An opportunity he had been waiting for for years. In the German stable, he will have to compete against teammate Lewis Hamilton. It will undoubtedly be an interesting battle.

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