Gary Sanchez, DJ LeMahieu Championships push the Yankees to a ninth straight win

Gary Sanchez, DJ LeMahieu Championships push the Yankees to a ninth straight win

Boston – There were no fans in the stands and the Red Sox in the middle of a tough season, but Aaron Boone thought the Yankees’ 6-5, 12-game win at Fenway Park seemed like a prelude to the post-season.

“It felt like the start of baseball,” Boone said after the Yankees scored their ninth successive victory in a game that lasted nearly five hours. “It was cold, the wind blew up and there were a lot of big situations.”

The Yankees came in enough of them to beat the Red Sox once again, as they beat a deficit four times.

DJ LeMahieu’s RBI double at top 12 put the Yankees ahead forever, and it came after Gary Sanchez kept them alive with Homer tied with two wins at the top of ninth place.

Jonathan threw Waissega two rounds – including the 12th without goals – as the Yankees wiped out a four-game deficit, sparked by Sanchez’s second-half brace and then teammate Matt Barnes when the Yankees were trailing in the final.

“We were in the hole today and we had full confidence that we would find a way to return to the game,” said Lemahue. “Two weeks ago, 4-0 felt like 20-0. Tonight, 4-0 felt close at hand.”

Gary Sanchez scored a solo home win in the ninth game as the Yankees' 6-5, 12-game win over the Red Sox.
Gary Sanchez scored a solo home win in the ninth game as the Yankees’ 6-5, 12-game win over the Red Sox.AP

It was – in large part thanks to Sanchez.

“Maybe this year wasn’t the year he wanted, but he had some huge pilgrims,” said Lemahue. “He had two mega hits for us tonight. He was just like the same last week.”

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The Yankees took their first lead on the 11th night on Luke Voit’s RBI single.

But Loaisiga brought the half back to the bottom of the half with Christian Arroyo’s single before dropping out of the role to extend the match.

On the twelfth, the Red Sox moved freestyle Christian Vazquez to third and Jackie Bradley Jr. shot a fly ball to the center with one, but a powerful throw from Aaron Hicks kept Vasquez in third place.

“This was the great slanderer Aaron Hicks we always knew,” Boone said of Hicks, who underwent Tommy John surgery in the off-season. “Elite arm and shot fired at home plate. It was good to see [and] There is respect for the arm [the Red Sox] Do not challenge that. “

Loaisiga then forces Michael Chaves to end the match, as the Yankees beat Boston for the 11th consecutive time.

They were on the ropes several times, including at ten, when Aroldes Chapman escaped trouble by stranding J.D. Martinez in third by hitting Bradley and Chaves.

With Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge together in the squad for the first time in over a month, the Yankees couldn’t get anything against left-hander Martin Perez to open up a seven-game road trip.

After scoring 43 points during their previous three matches, the Yankees were unable to score against Perez, who had come in six games.

But the Yankees’ problems extended beyond Perez.

They also had some erratic competitions early on, with a mistake from Jordan Montgomery and a mistake from Geo Urchila in the first, and Gleiber Torres hitting a ball on what should have been a double play in the third.

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Red Sox reached Montgomery in the fourth game, when Arroyo collided with Homer from three runs, before the Yankees got twice out of Sanchez in the seventh game and tied twice later.

“It was a good win, especially where we started,” Boone said. “A lot of men do big things when it matters.”

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