Gad Elmaleh tells how a monk helped him

Gad Elmaleh tells how a monk helped him

November 5, 2022 – 9:00 pm – Culture


“Stay A Little” is the title of the new film by Moroccan comedian Gad Elmaleh. As a guest on the “Club Premiere” program, the humorous artist explained the feature film, which will be shown in a few days.

Gad Elmaleh’s new comedy hits theaters on November 16. He plays a man who has lived in the United States for three years and decides to return to France to convert to Catholicism without informing his family. “Did you really go to a monastery, as in the movie, to recharge and recharge your batteries?” asks Laurent Ruquier, presenter of Club Première.

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“Yes, I retired to Sénanque, near Avignon, where there is a convent with Cistercian monks. By the way, I lived something very funny there. One morning at breakfast, people came to me and asked for a selfie and then a brother came by, sees me, doesn’t understand me, and invites me to his office.He asks me: Is there a problem?I replied:No,brother.Only people who wanted to take a picture with me,explains JadAlmaleh.

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The monk brother continues: “And these people, do you know them? So you take pictures with people who know you, but you do not know them?” In fact, he had no idea who I was. He told me he had been here for 52 years without TV. And through this brother, I revised my resume. And he wondered why I was known, and why people were so interested in me. How did I get down to earth? Gad Elmaleh said.

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