Fuss about Sigrid Kaag who is going to Luxembourg on a government plane

Fuss about Sigrid Kaag who is going to Luxembourg on a government plane

Sigrid Kaag, the leader of the D66, can count on a lot of fanfare. I took the Dutch government plane to Luxembourg, while this distance can be easily covered by train. The journey from Amsterdam to Luxembourg takes approximately 55 minutes.

Kaag is in Luxembourg to attend the Foreign Affairs Council. Foreign ministers from all over Europe gather there today for a discussion.

Sigrid Kaag to Luxembourg by plane

“Thanks to Mino Swart, an aircraft expert, Kag was blown away. He mocked government planes, and Spread image on twitter. Short excursion: The government plane has now landed in Luxembourg. Sigrid Kaag at the Foreign Affairs Council.”

Swart was also the one to announce to the world that King Willem-Alexander was in Greece with the family, while the rest of the country is still on lockdown.

D66 and short-haul flights

It is remarkable that the commander of the D66, who often adheres to the climate and global warming, takes the aircraft for such a short distance. In the past year, the party has made efforts to reduce short-haul flights. But Kaag gets on the plane often. According to Geert Wilders (PVV), the D66 member “traveled 4.5 times around the world” in the past year. He said this during a discussion of the NOS elections in February. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Schiphol called you Kaagbaan,” he added.

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The D66 also believes that those who can take the train should do so. They believe that unnecessary air traffic contributes to global warming. The distance from Amsterdam to Luxembourg is over six hours if you take the train.


There is a lot of fuss on social media, and people know how to joke it again. For example, someone tweeted an image of a space rocket, with the following: “Sigrid Kag is going to do some shopping.” Another person also wants to go to the balcony by plane.

Someone else thinks the votes for the D66 have been “cancelled,” and now Kaag seems to be conflicting with her own opinions.

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Fuss about Sigrid Kaag who is going to Luxembourg on a government plane

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