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Swisspanel Solar

Glas Trösch, the Swiss parent company of Scheuten, is launching a printed front panel for solar panels. SWISSPANEL SOLAR’s printing technology was developed in collaboration with the University of Lucerne. Color printing has surprisingly little effect on the efficiency of PV modules. Depending on shape and color, the efficiency of units with “full surface” printing is between 75 and 90 percent that of conventional PV panels.

The energy of the sun is inexhaustible and freely available to all of us. PV has been one of the most sustainable ways to generate electricity for years. In addition to technical parameters, the appearance of PV modules plays an increasingly important role. This is where the SWISSPANEL SOLAR front panel comes in on its own. Glas Trösch, in his own words, prints glass “with a custom design without making major compromises in electrical production”.

Flexibility in design

The windshield of the SWISSPANEL SOLAR is finished with a Colorprint CP digital ceramic print. The process allows for maximum flexibility with regard to individual design and color requirements. Options include full-surface color printing, patterns, photos, and even logos. The thermal hardening process, in which the color is permanently burned at position 2 in the glass, hardens the safety glass. Thermally toughened glass as a final product is also an option. In both products, the photovoltaic modules and the printed trim are protected from wind and weather.

The construction is still intact

Another advantage of SWISSPANEL SOLAR is that the structure of the PV modules does not change. Stained glass simply replaces the usual clear glass. The result is comparable with a conventional panel that is suitable for both facades and ceilings. PV modules can be designed to be barely noticeable, adapting to the surrounding facade or roof cladding. Glass printing has little impact on the environmental impact of the plate. The widely used Life Cycle Assessment Score (LCA) indicator in Switzerland is increasing by less than one percent. In addition, the printed windshield meets all current European requirements in terms of safety, quality and durability. The board is also CE marked.

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