From today, higher traffic fines: €350 for using a phone behind the wheel

From today, higher traffic fines: €350 for using a phone behind the wheel

The number of other fines for violations that are seen as “dangerous driving” is also increasing. The fine for driving on the left unnecessarily ranges from 150 to 220 euros. From now on, a fine of 220 euros is imposed for transporting minors without a seat belt.

criminal trial

Failure to give way to a priority vehicle will result in a fine of 350 euros, which is another 100 euros. In addition, drivers can be tried for this. This concerns, for example, ambulances or police cars with flashing lights and sirens.

Starting March 1

The new fines were already announced last year, but they have not yet been submitted to the House of Representatives. That is why the fines for some violations have been slightly modified. This year, the variable rates will take effect on March 1 for the first time, and previous years were on January 1.

Some fines are lower

Causing “unnecessary noise” ranges from 400 to 250 euros. Incorrect parking in a handicapped space will also become cheaper, from 400 to 310 euros. All amended fines can be found here.

It is modified every year

Traffic psychologist Gerard Tertulin explains to RTL Nieuws that fines are adjusted every year, if only because of inflation. In addition, the police want to “send a signal.”

Tertoolen doesn’t think it would have much impact if the violation were heavily fined. “The police should focus a lot more on the chance of getting caught with more cameras.”

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