From goat noises to swell: Tesla’s latest update makes it entertainment on wheels

From goat noises to swell: Tesla's latest update makes it entertainment on wheels

New OTA update allows Tesla drivers to play music on external speakers, excite neighbors and other drivers – and change the sound of the horn to just about anything

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Like any tool, Tesla Cars sometimes receive OTA updates that give them new features, fix bugs, and add necessary upgrades. A “Holiday Update” is now coming for some Tesla owners – and it makes the car a mobile entertainment.

Fart on the rest of the drivers

The new update allows Tesla drivers who have external speakers in their cars to put the car in “Boombox Mode” – or in “Entertainment Mode” in Hebrew. In this mode, they will be able to play pre-set music and sounds through the company through the car’s external speakers and actually convert them into a giant speaker on wheels. In addition to converting their vehicle into an attraction while parking, the company allows drivers to choose the sound the car will make while driving slowly, i.e. less than 30 km / h. As it is known, since this is an electric car, it does not make noise like a car with an internal combustion engine, so the authorities decided that the car should make an artificial noise to warn pedestrians against. The speakers in Entertainment Mode will also work in the great Summon mode – though the range in these modes is limited to a few pre-defined company sounds, such as rock and roll and Snake Jazz (DS for Rick and Morty).

Additionally, Tesla has added a feature that allows users to replace the standard horn sound in their car with some non-standard sounds at the very least. For example, from now on, Tesla drivers will be able to honk other people with the sound of a goat screaming, “La Cocare” and the big star – puff. Yes Yes, from now on, Tesla owners will be able to “blow fart” drivers who annoy them on the road or endanger their lives – whichever comes first.

In response to a Twitter user who asked Ludakris’ Move Bitch as the voice of the century, Elon Musk said up to 5 more voices could be uploaded using a USB connection.

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An indictment against a driver who was asleep while driving his Tesla car

From the best news to the least good news. The 20-year-old Tesla Kennedy driver was charged for the first time in the country with dangerous driving in self-driving mode. According to the indictment, the driver was arrested last July while he and another passenger were asleep in his Tesla, with their seats tilted back – all while the Tesla was flying at 120 km / h. The driver activated the autonomous driving mode and did not dive as a dream racer, and he was only caught after complaints from other drivers about a self-driving car traveling at speeds on the highway.

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