From Cyprus to Switzerland: You can go on vacation here again

From Cyprus to Switzerland: You can go on vacation here again

Travelers to “yellow” countries no longer have to test negative upon return to the Netherlands. They also do not need to be quarantined. However, according to the State Department, there are still security risks in these countries.

yellow travel tips

Cyprus, Liechtenstein and Switzerland (still orange) will receive yellow travel advice from tomorrow that applies to the whole country. In Croatia, the yellow travel advice will be applied from tomorrow in almost all parts of the country, with the exception of the northern region of Sjeverna Hrvatska.

The Greek islands of the southern Aegean receive yellow travel advice, and for mainland Greece, the advice is still orange.

Green Travel Tips

There are currently only eco-friendly travel tips for Malta, Saba and St Eustatius. This list will be expanded as of tomorrow to include Iceland, Poland and Romania. According to the foreign ministry, this means that “the security risks in the country are similar to what you are used to in the Netherlands.”

Until recently, there was an orange (or red) travel advice for the whole world, which means that the State Department advises only to go there on necessary trips.

The ministry notes that the countries themselves can still place restrictions on the entry of people from abroad. For example, this may be a negative test or an obligation to enter quarantine after arrival. This is included, by country, in the department’s list of travel advice.

pollution rates

To modify the color code, the ministry is considering the advice of the RIVM. There is also a consultation with the Ministry of Health. The RIVM mainly looks at contamination figures, the number of returned travelers who have been infected, the number of tests performed in a particular country, and the percentage of positive tests.

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