Fraud notary was able to proceed due to ‘inadequate control’ of Pels Rijcken | Financial

Fraud notary was able to proceed due to 'inadequate control' of Pels Rijcken |  Financial

The office was in the news when it became known that a notary and former CEO of Pels Rijcken had embezzled at least 10 million euros. He passed away last November. The investigation by the bureau shows that Orange has been transferring funds to private accounts for years via various transfers. According to the investigation by the Bar Association in The Hague, the monitoring system within the office is inadequately functioning.

Enhanced monitoring

The Dean of the Hague Bar Association will place the office under stricter supervision until improvements are made. This relates, among other things, to the appointment of an internal supervisor (compliance officer) who monitors compliance with the rules.

Pels Rijcken acknowledges that the organization has to look in the mirror because fraud can go unnoticed for eighteen years. A number of steps have already been taken to improve the organization. Pels Rijcken, for example, previously appointed Susi Zijderveld as external director on his own. It will be concerned with compliance with the rules by the office.


Pels Rijcken does not believe the dean was informed too late of the fraud, he claimed. When the case arose, the bureau immediately reported it to the BFT. He is still investigating the case with the Public Prosecution. Pels Rijcken is still waiting for this report.

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