Frank Evenblig presents a sports competition | Displays

Frank Evenblig presents a sports competition |  Displays

Former skaters Marian Timmer and Rintje Retsma take part in a competition with Snowballs, a sport introduced by Frank Evenblig. The first episode will be broadcast on December 30 on BNNVARA on NPO 1.

According to the announcer, the sports competition is a remake of Quiz with Balls. The game program reviews past Winter Games through special sporting moments, and looks forward to the upcoming Winter Games in Beijing.

Comedians Rob Urgert and Joep van Deudekom are watching the match as members of the jury. Sports commentator Frank Snox is also present. Provides background stories for historical sporting events. Alongside Timmer and Ritsma, Olympic champions Gianni Rohm, Jochem Oetdehag and Nicolin Sauerberg can also be seen, as well as fellow athletes Rhea Visser, Gregory Seduc, Bob de Jong and Annette Gerritsen. Peter Hirschop and Harm Edens are among the celebrities who participated.

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