France and European partners stop their mission in Mali | abroad

France and European partners stop their mission in Mali |  abroad

Military intervention began in 2013. France and other European countries, including the Netherlands, are no longer interested in the operation after the military coup in the country. Military commanders are against the mission and want to call in mercenaries. Canada is also removing its army

According to a joint statement, further work to combat extremists in the region is being considered from Niger, among other countries. The mission “transfer” must be completed by June. French President Emmanuel Macron has said Niger is ready to serve as a national base. He stressed that the mission did not fail and is continuing in other places. The problem, Macron says, is that the new rulers serve personal economic interests and do not make the fight against terrorists a priority. The coup plotters used a mercenary company for their own purposes. It is about the brilliant Russian company Wagner Group.

The Netherlands currently has six soldiers in Mali active on a European training mission and one for a counter-terrorism mission that is now being terminated. Over the years, our country has made a significant contribution to the United Nations force that was supposed to work to stabilize the country, including the stationing of military personnel in the northeast of the country.

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said on Thursday that it would be very difficult to continue missions safely in Mali without the French army. German participation in the UN mission in the country could only continue if the army remained well protected. Until now, this protection was provided by the French. If that disappears, we will have to look for another solution very quickly,” says Lambrecht.

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