Frame Britney Spears: Ridiculous and Awesome

Frame Britney Spears: Ridiculous and Awesome

Image credit: New York Times / FX Networks

Framing Britney Spears’ documentary caused a sensation on social media. The movie, produced by The New York Times, is about the absurd situation in which pop star Britney Spears finds herself, so it deserves an amazing predicate. Later, many viewers learn that Spears’ father Jimmy has taken legal custody of his daughter for years, after shaving her head in front of the paparazzi. She does the work, and he gets the money. Director Samantha Stark uses a series of interviews to show how a wealthy celebrity lives in captivity, instigated by her father, who from the start was concerned with “finances”.

Meanwhile, the “Britney Free” movement has been active for some time. Because legal guardianship is primarily applied in the United States to elderly people with dementia; Not with successful artists who sometimes suffer from a mental breakdown. And that Spears’ struggle at times with her fame is indisputable, as evidenced by the cool photos from the talk shows that Stark raises. Like Spears meeting on Dutch TV with Ivo Niehe who asked her about the authenticity of her bosom. You wonder: Who asks such a sexist question? Better yet, who would ask such a sexist question to a minor woman?

But misogyny runs like a thread through Framing Britney Spears. Because it’s all about framing of course: our perception of Britney Spears, shaped by the media. Men seem to get away with it all, including Jimmy, who, we’re talking, is still controlling his daughter. Framing Britney Spears gives food to think in this regard. Although the movie contributes to the image we have of Spears, by showing the dire episodes of her life once again. This could have been easily ignored by Stark. The point she made was not the least powerful.

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