Fox Comes With American Version Farmer Looking For A Woman | show

Fox Comes With American Version Farmer Looking For A Woman |  show

Fox is going to make an American version of the dating show A farmer looking for a wife. that reports The Hollywood Reporter Thursday. The show is called in the United States The farmer wants a wifeJust like in the UK and Australia.

The US version will feature farmers who, according to the makers, “live hundreds of miles from potential Tinder dates.” The farmer wants a wife It was already shown in the United States in 2008, on the CW channel. But the show was canceled after one season.

The reality show premiered in the UK in 2001. The Dutch version was launched in 2004, with Yvonne Jaspers as the lead. It has now presented nearly 160 episodes spread over twelve seasons, and it’s always good for millions of viewers. It has been watched or shown in thirty countries of the genre The farmer wants a wife.

It is still unknown when a new season of BzV will be released in the Netherlands.

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