Four project management tools for educational institutions

Four project management tools for educational institutions
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2020 was a tough year without a doubt. Uncertainty, distances, and fears but also many lessons. For many, it implied the incorporation of new habits of hygiene, food, and even comfort. Also, in many cases, it endangered time management or work organization for those who had a presence as a rule.

In this sense, many institutions have found it necessary to use new tools to cover communication with students and parents. But,What about the communication and the internal organization of the school? Schools faced a tremendous challenge not only to achieve the continuity of education of their students, but also the communication between their teaching staff.

The common way virtual and presence will remain the norm for an indefinite period, and this lack of definition can lead to communication gaps or misleading information. The challenge arises of keeping internal communication alive between the teaching team and the principals in a transparent and orderly manner. Projects clarity Other than a WhatsApp message or emailThe availability of information in a coordinated and up-to-date manner helps maintain synergistic and consistent business links.

Although educational institutions in general are not associated with tools Online Project management or communications can help a lot on a daily basis.And they have free versions!

Slack (Reuters / Brendan McDermid /)
Slack (Reuters / Brendan McDermid /)

To communicate better:

– SluggishnessEnables us to create work environments and engage our team, as well as create specific groups for specific occasions. The workspace can contain in the school A group in which the entire teaching team meets, But also dividing groups by teaching area and talking about specific topics.

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Its free version is so powerful that it can be downloaded On the mobile phone and on the desktop of the computerOr send files and mark them as important, make video calls, send direct messages, or have a chat with multiple members.

It also allows connecting to other free-to-use tools, like Polly, to create surveys or Trello.

Does the English department need to share ideas and find no time to meet? By creating a Slack group, they can share ideas, files, videos, or even gifs from Asynchronous method.

Miro: In Miro we found a blank canvas for Work on ideas or projects or simply put ideas or needs there. It allows you to create different tables and add images, comments, and even templates so that you don’t start from scratch with a specific design.

It is perfect for day use Collaborative work. Job results can be exported as an image, and it can also be used in presentation mode.


To better organize our tasks:

Trello: Thanks to a very intuitive and friendly design, Trello allows us to organize a board with the columns we need. An example could be: Tasks, ongoing tasks, completed tasks. You can add activities in card format, which also allows you to add other users as members, add files, links, or even expiration date.

The most powerful thing about Trello is that its free version allows for several automations that follow the If / Then logic (if this happens, the other one will). He is calling Slack, Allowing you to create an assignment from here without having to open the board.

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Monday: Its interface is very attractive and clear. It allows the inclusion of tasks, managers, status, files, and prioritization. It’s a great ally when it comes to keeping our workloads up-to-date and pending as well as analyzing what we did for the week. Its logic applied to educational institutions can make the steps transparent and indicate the steps that must be taken to accomplish some of the tasks that, in the current context, may require the analysis of many more variables than before.

These are just four of the many similar apps available and they have free versions to take advantage of. There is a world of options to explore, we just have to maintain flexibility to understand that technology can lighten loads and improve operations regardless of which area we apply them in.

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