Founder is investing in startup education …

Oprichter investeert in start-up voor kweekvlees

Maastricht / Etrin –

Topman Jitse Groen of listed meal delivery company Just Eat Takeaway is investing in farmed meat technology company Mosa Meat. It is not known exactly how much money the founder of spent on the business.

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In a new investment round, involving several parties, Mosa Meat raised a total of $ 10 million USD. More than 8 million euros have been transferred. With the money, Mosa Meat, a branch of Maastricht University, wants to expand its existing pilot production plant, set up a larger production line and hire employees.

In addition to Green, Nutreco fish and animal feed producer has also invested in Mosa Meat. Nutreco previously invested in Maastricht. In other investment rounds, money has also come from Luxembourg’s Blue Horizon Ventures, a fund that invests in food technology. The Bell Food Group, the largest meat processing company in Switzerland, invested money in Mosa Meat, as did the Japanese group Mitsubishi.

In total, Mosa Meat has raised $ 85 million in three investment rounds. In 2013, scientists Mark Post and Peter Verstreet, founders of Mosa Meat, introduced the first cultured meat burger. The hamburger is made with the help of cells from a cow.

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