Former US President Bill Clinton’s condition improved: “He was discharged from hospital on Sunday” | Abroad

Former US President Bill Clinton's condition improved: "He was discharged from hospital on Sunday" |  Abroad

The condition of former US President Bill Clinton, 75, who has been in hospital since Tuesday, has improved dramatically. Clinton spokesman Angel Urena said Clinton had made “excellent progress” and was expected to be discharged from hospital on Sunday.

“He is in good spirits and has spent time with his family and friends and has watched American football,” Orena said. His wife, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, visited him on Saturday.

The former president was admitted to Irvine Medical Center in California on Tuesday evening due to a urinary tract infection that had spread into the bloodstream. During a visit to the United States, he was going to drive himself to the hospital due to exhaustion.

Clinton, who served as US president from 1993 to 2001, was given antibiotics and “closely monitored,” according to his doctors.

intensive care

According to CNN, he was in intensive care. This will be to ensure its security and privacy. The severity of his condition had no role in that.

President Joe Biden said Friday night that he spoke with Bill Clinton. “He’s really fine,” he said during a visit to the University of Connecticut.

In the years since Clinton left the White House in 2001, he has faced numerous health problems. In 2004, he underwent quadruple bypass surgery. He returned to the hospital a year later to have surgery for a partially collapsed lung, and in 2010 he placed a few coronary stents. Since then, Clinton has adhered to a strict vegan diet, which has helped him lose weight and dramatically improve his health.

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