Former speaker Berko’s reprehensible behavior, would now lead to forced resignation

Former speaker Berko's reprehensible behavior, would now lead to forced resignation

The former Speaker of the British Parliament, John Bercow, was systematically guilty of bullying and lying and would never be allowed to enter Parliament again. If he was still a deputy, he would have had to resign. This is the conclusion of an independent panel following an investigation report into Speaker Berko’s behavior towards members of his team.

Berko has gained worldwide fame for his striking voice. He. She “Orderrr!” Especially at the time of the Brexit debates around the world from his mouth.

Parliamentary Commissioner for Ethics, Catherine Stone, was investigating Bercow’s conduct over dozens of allegations made by three current and former House of Commons employees. These included belittling, humiliation, intimidation, abuse of power, tantrums, and in one case, cell phone throwing.

unacceptable behavior

Twenty-one allegations were brought before the independent commission, which was set up to review complaints of bullying, harassment, insult or sexual offensive behaviour. The commission was called after Bercow appealed the report.

The Committee concluded that there was unacceptable behavior that could not be tolerated in any workplace. “His behavior is much less than what would be expected of a Member of Parliament.”

People in Parliament were also disturbed by the way he worked. A number of Conservatives accused him of bias, and thus he failed to meet the requirement that the Speaker of the House be impartial. Others praised him, among other things because Rear seat Opportunity to express their opinions more than his predecessors as speakers.

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One of the complainants, Berko’s personal assistant, said in her response that she was pleased with the recognition she was receiving. She describes the time she worked for as “the worst time of my working life”, which led to “stress, anxiety and a loss of self-confidence”. She added that Berko showed no sign of remorse.

Bercow described the investigation’s findings as a “caricature of justice” and said he was the victim of a “vindictive vendetta” based on prejudice and gossip. According to him, it was an exaggerated, unfair and unfair procedure that did not last for five minutes in a court of law. A charade, he called her.

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