Former South African President Zuma surrenders to police

Former South African President Zuma surrenders to police

Earlier today, the police department said it felt compelled to arrest Zuma before midnight. The absence of an arrest, as long as there was no order to postpone Zuma’s sentence, was in contempt of the Constitutional Court.

nine years as president

In the end, Zuma showed up 40 minutes before the deadline itself, the New York Times reported. He was taken from his home to the police station by a long convoy, as evidenced by photos on social media (see below). The country’s police minister and chief of police could face charges unless Zuma is arrested.

Earlier, it seemed that the former boss was still at large at the moment. Late last month, the Constitutional Court sentenced Zuma to 15 months in prison for refusing to testify before a commission investigating corruption during his nine-year presidency.

corruption scandals

Zuma appeared before the committee once last year, but after that first time, he accused the president of being biased. Earlier this year, Zuma refused to appear before the committee again. By the way, the commission was formed by Zuma himself, having come under increasing pressure as president due to corruption scandals.

It is said that Zuma struck lucrative deals with business friends during his presidency. Reportedly, they were sometimes allowed to choose the ministers appointed by Zuma in his cabinet. According to estimates, it was possible to transfer 35 billion dollars (29.5 billion euros) of public funds. Zuma denies the charges and claims he did nothing wrong.

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