Former Parliament Speaker John Bercow moves to work | abroad

Former Parliament Speaker John Bercow moves to work |  abroad

Bercow says he sees the Conservative Party today as “reactionary, populist, nationalist and sometimes xenophobic”. Which is why he joined the Labor Party a few weeks ago, succeeding his wife, Sally. His remarkable move is driven by a desire to bring the Johnson administration home.

“My motives are the pursuit of equality and social and universal justice. Those are the hallmarks of the Labor Party. My conclusion is that the current government needs to be replaced. The only means that can achieve this goal is the Labor Party. There is no other credible option.”

so embarrassing

According to Bercow, despite his promises, Johnson is not at all interested in compromise and the less privileged Britons are not at all interested in him. “He’s a successful activist but a bad driver.” He even describes the decision to cut international aid as “extremely shameful”.

Bercow stepped down as Speaker of the House of Commons in 2019 after ten years. Unlike many of his predecessors, he was not then offered a seat in the House of Lords. The Social Democrats did not promise him this position, and he certainly did not ask for it himself.

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